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Buy seed to grow giant vegetablesClive Bevan is the giant vegetable guru. From aubergines to zucchini, Clive has grown them all with great success. You can access a lifetimes worth of information and experience which Clive imparts in his "Clive's Giant Vegetable Book" or just have a go at this fascinating aspect of horticulture by having a go with a selection of Clive's giant vegetable seeds that are available to buy online.... ideal to grow for astounding people at your local village show or just for fun.

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Please can I have a packet of..... Price Qty
Clive's Giant Cabbage Seed (approx 30 seeds/pack) £5.00
Clive's Giant Tomato Seed (approx 20 seeds/pack) £5.00
Clive's Long Runner Bean Seed (approx 8 seeds/pack) £5.00
Clive's Heavy Cucumber Seed (approx 6 seeds/pack) £5.00
Clive's Long Cucumber Seed (approx 6 seeds/pack) £5.00
Clive's Giant Marrow Seed (approx 6 seeds/pack) £5.00
Clive's Giant Pumpkin Seed (approx 6 seeds/pack) £5.00
Clive's Giant Red Beetroot Seed (approx 12 seeds/pack) £5.00
Clive's Giant Swede Seed (approx 20 seeds/pack) £5.00
Clive's Giant Onion Seed (approx 50 seeds/pack)
How To Grow Giant Vegetables - A comprehensive booklet written by Clive Bevan and suitable for beginners and expert growers alike. £12.00
A flat rate P&P charge of £2.99 per order will be added at checkout. £2.99
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